NAVER Creator Day Vol.2

iF DESIGN AWARD 2018 커뮤니케이션 부분 수상

FM always welcomes new stories.

Through our skill and experience,

new stories are created into something even more novel.

This is our philosophy and tradition that we held for the last 29 years,

which has placed us at the leading-edge as the most exceptional promotion company.


Projects Completed


Years of Experience


Satisfied Clients


Bemoved Makers


Sales Promotion

Maximizing brand experience

FM’s inspirational storytelling-marketing solutions present highly elevated brand experience. Events are planned according to the precise needs of the client and customized solutions are offered based on the target’s characteristics.

Mega Event

Creating overwhelming sight

Grand-scale projects are carried out by the largest number of professionals in the field, ensuring solid infrastructure and stability. We propose our exclusive mega event that receives the media’s spotlight for its creative ideas and systematic management.


Attracting the eye with
breathtaking quality

Together with a variety of partners keen and sensitive to trend and design, we create the best display in every exhibition. From production to installation, we guarantee unique and distinguished quality.


Integrating people-centered
contents and technology

Based on creative ideas and rational planning, we create people-centered contents. Through our VR platform, WAVRP website, we provide well-demonstrated contents.

Space Marketing

Organizing an optimal space

Through our in-depth analysis and understanding about space, we have consistently gained trust and credibility for the last 11 years. We provide ideal space marketing solutions to the client’s brand distribution channels and mega complexes.

CT (Culture & Technology)

Designing culture with technology

Our continuous research on various contents and technology has allowed us to take the lead in developing cultural contents. We integrate various visualization methods with contents to create exceptional cultural experiences. FM is the pioneer of ‘Impression-Creation-Culture’.






Feel free to suggest any content to create an inspiring story with FM.